Features Of A Timber Balcony

Balconies construct a structure which is on the sides of buildings. These could be mainly constructed to add an aesthetic appeal to a home. When a timber balcony is being designed, it is a structure that is made from wood and there are certain factors to be considered. The first point to consider is the load bearing aspect of the structure. In certain cases, the balconies are cordoned off and are designed simply to hang on one side of a building as a decorative element. If one is stepping out into a balcony, the load bearing aspect comes into play.

Type of wood used

When timber balconies are being constructed, the kind of timber to be used has to be considered. When a balcony is placed on the outward area of a home it needs to be made from pressure treated wood, similar to gazebo in Sydney. The wood needs to be resistant to rotting as well as fading, splitting, cracking or infestation of bugs. The budget of the project will determine the kind of timber that can be considered for the project. Hardwoods are the desirable materials to use which tend to remain strong and can stand up to persistent damage from the weather.

Styles of timber balconies

The timber balconies can be designed in different styles. They could be enclosed or they could be open air structures. Builders will have to decide on the construction design from before and whether best gazebos are to be part of the construction. If the balcony is covered it will be a heavier construction than when it is an open air structure. The designs will add on weight accordingly.

Roofs of balconies

When balconies are being designed as enclosed structures, they need to be covered with the right materials. There will be several weather elements to consider like snow or rain. Hence, the roof of the balcony might need to be constructed with a slope. In certain cases tiles or shingles are installed on the roof of the balcony, but this keeps consistent with the overall design of the home.