Developments In Technology And The Benefits Of It To Mankind.

Us, mankind has developed with time and have come so forward than to the way we lived in the past. Man has developed widely and incredibly both mentally and physically. This developed man then discovered a wide number of inventions that would help ease up our day to day workload. For example, if there were no vehicles, planes, ships or any other transportation discovered, we would have to travel from pone place to another taking months and years. However, at present we get to travel to anyplace in our country within few hours and also we get to travel to any place in the world in flights and ships within hours or maximum a day.

People had no way of having long distant communication in the past. This is because the invention of mobile phones happened only around the 19th Century. There were only few land phones but it was limited. Not everyone had access to a telephone. The scenario at present is contrast to that of the past. At present almost every Individual has his or her own mobile phone. They can also keep in touch with people living over- seas with a less expenditure of money by using portable Wi- Fi networking systems such as the Australia Wi- Fi egg. This has unlimited access to the internet island wide and also internationally.

Earlier travelers had a habit of writing their last will before leaving on a trip or voyage. This is because the risk of the trip and the inability to communicate with the family once a person goes on a long trip. At present however this is so not the case. People have so many methods of contacting family now. Especially through social media networks such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. People even get to share their travel experience then and there with family and friends. One could easily travel to Italy and by renting a less expensive yet useful portable Wi- Fi system such as the Italy Wi- Fi egg access the internet and keep in touch with friends and family.

Up until the 18th to 19th century we had to do all activities starting from cooking to cleaning manually. This took more time as well as wasted more energy. Industries were diminishing as laborers possessed different level of energy and due to the heavy work load their work was delaying. The solution came up with the greatest invention in history. That is the invention of Machines and Robots. These machines just need to be fed data instructing the process and then would manually carry out the work load. This ensured that more work is done in less time and also less work for labors.