Fighting For A Cause

Fighting for a cause or trying to create awareness about a certain cause can sometimes feel like you are walking against the tide or walking in the opposite direction during a strong cyclone. In most cases, there will be numerous forces that are trying to fight against your cause and stop you from spreading awareness because they have a lot to lose financially from you letting people know the truth. Yet, no one can stop you from speaking out but the challenge is for one or two individuals to fight against a “standard” that has been established by multibillion dollar industries and industries that have billions of dollars to spend. This is the truth irrespective of the cause that you are trying to create awareness about. If you are an environmental activist trying to promote the truth about the destruction caused by all the plastic that is being used, you are likely to get blocked by all the big multinational companies that are promoting and using plastic. If you are a vegan activist or an animal rights activist trying to promote the truth behind the dairy industry and expose the incredible cruelty that goes on behind the closed doors of the dairy industry to convince humans to drink the breast milk of a cow, a substance that humans do not need to drink and is extremely bad for the human body to begin with, you are likely to get blocked by the dairy industry, the meat industry and surprisingly the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry as well because at the end of the day, these companies and industries have the most to lose from you becoming healthy and strong.

Use methods that are different and creative

While you may not be allowed to walk in to a mall or a church carrying a placard with information about the dairy industry, what you can do is wear a tee shirt with the same information on it. The authorities can stop you from carrying boards and placards by they cannot stop you from going in to a digital printing shop and printing a bunch of tee shirts with the same information.

You can also print a car sticker that you can paste on your car and print a handbag that you can carry with you everywhere you go.

As an activist, you need to find creative ways of letting people know things that million dollar industries are trying to hide from them. It will be difficult at first but in the end, the news will spread.