How To Host A Product Promotion Party

If your company is unveiling a new product, you will have to come up with ways to promote the new product. There will certainly be marketing efforts to introduce the product to the public. However, you should also introduce your product to the peers in the industry, as well as the media. Traditionally, this industry introduction is done with a big party. If your company would also like to hosta memorable party to introduce and promote a new product, here are several tips:

Choose an Interesting Venue

The venue is the most important aspect of a party. If you are hosting any work-related party, the cheap choice will be to do it at the office. But remember that there will be industry leaders, CMOs and others important people there as well. So, the office may not be the best place for an event like this. In any case, you have to make sure that the invitees remember the party. Therefore, choose an interesting place in town, preferably near a beach. Whatever venue you choose, make sure it’s accessible for everyone.

Dare to be Silly

Don’t be too formal at the event. It’s okay to invite a little bit of silliness with balloons, Ezi Tag Australia stickers and colourful snacks. However, don’t be too silly. It’s not a kid’s birthday party. The aim should beto allow the invitees to relax and enjoy themselves, and also discuss serious business at the same time. Therefore, combine the silliness with the formality.

Send Invites Well in Advance

When you are inviting business people who are very busy, you will need to send in the invited at least a month in advance. Otherwise, they might not be able to make time in their tight schedules for you. If you are inviting a prominent industry leader, inform her or him two or three months in advance if you can. In addition to sending in an invite, have your CEO or COO call him or her in person.

No Dress Codes

Don’t impose dress codes like it’s a wedding. The invitees should be able to wear whatever they want, a tux or a pair of jeans and promotional bags wristbands. Most will come in their work clothes. For the people at the office, instruct them to dress semi-formal for the event.

Sample Catering

Before you order catering, sample all the dishes to make sure they are actually edible. Don’t choose a caterer on reputation alone. You must test the dishes yourself. Stick to the above tips, and your party will go just fine.